Grand Prix currently has 5 locations serving the Tampa area.

We are proud to announce our 4th year of our fundraising program, where we have generated over $300,000 for various groups and organization.

The fundraiser works like this. You order your groups tickets in batches of 500 or 1000. The tickets will have your groups name on them. Your only out of pocket expense is for the printing  $70.00 for 500 tickets or $100.00 for 1,000 tickets. The tickets are good for 8 months and may be redeemed at any of our 5 locations. Your group sells the tickets for $11.00. For every ticket you sell your group makes $5.00. You sell 700 tickets for a total of $7,000 your group makes $3,500. You may then turn in any unsold tickets. 

In most fundraisers, the organizations receive only 18% to 25% of the proceeds. Our fundraiser will give you over 40% return on the car wash.

Our company would be happy to discuss these opportunities with you. For more information, please contact the location nearest you.


Palma Ceia Little League
Mesquite H.S. Booster
Lake Seminole Rotary
Holy Trinity
Plant H.S. Crew Team
Vestavia Girls Volleyball
Planet Cheer All Staz
Beyond Belief Dance
Troop 41 Boy Scout