Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant contains surface reactive silicones and other polymers that bond to the vehicle’s surface to provide a stronger, more durable level of protection, shine and water repellency to paint, glass & chrome.

Question: Isn’t my current clear coat protectant doing the same thing now?

Most protectants add shine and protection to painted surfaces. Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant delivers added shine, protection and water repellency to the paint, but also to the vehicle’s glass, trim and chrome as well.

Benefits of Adding Rain-X Complete Surace Protectant

  • Beads & Repels Water
    • Better visibility, safer driving in poor weather
    • Helps keep vehicle clean, even after it rains
  • Protects All Surfaces
    • Helps prevent rust, maintains vehicle’s value
  • Levels Minor Surface Irregularities
    • Adds high gloss shine

Protects vehicles even after multiple washes